What We Do

God’s Ugandan Children

Uganda is a country ravaged by war and crippled with immense poverty. Two-thirds of Ugandans live on less than one dollar a day. Many are in single-room huts with no running water or electricity, with sometimes as many as eight or ten people living in one room. Some of the children are orphans, some have only a mother, many are living with a relative. Often, a single woman, unskilled and uneducated, will care for several of her relatives’ children in addition to her own. Fifty percent of Uganda’s population is 14 years and under. Many children are the head caretakers in their households.

Hope Alive!—Healing Hope

Hope Alive! is a relief and development project focused on orphans and fragile families. Begun in 2002, the project works in the slums of Kampala, in the poor, rural area around the town of Masaka in southwestern Uganda, with refugees living near the border of Sudan, and in Ugandan IDP (internally displaced persons) camps near Gulu, in northern Uganda.

One of Hope Alive!’s specific objectives is to impact deeply the lives of the children—physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually—in order to see them transformed by the healing hope of Jesus Christ. Hope Alive! works closely with local churches to break the cycle of poverty plaguing these children and their families and to share the love of Christ with them.

Sponsors—Long Distance Love

Education is an important key that can break the cycle of poverty. Through sponsors, Hope Alive! provides school fees, school supplies, all exam fees, uniforms and shoes so that children can attend school. The project secures medical attention if needed, and in many cases, provides mattresses, blankets, clothing, housing and household supplies.

When a child is the head of the household, greater care is provided for the entire family. Children are given breakfast and dinner, and lunch is paid for by Hope Alive! at school. During school holidays and on weekends, food is given to the children to cook at home.

Hope Alive! matches children with sponsors personally. Children know their sponsors by name and write to them faithfully. In fact, when writing to sponsors, many children will call them “Mum” and will sign their own names with the last name of their sponsor.

Sponsor a Child ($35 per month per child)